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The White Pine
The White Pine Tree is an old-fashioned classic, world-renowned for its elegant, symmetrical shape and bountiful, soft needles. Also known as Eastern White Pine or Northern White Pine, the White Pine is known for its distinctive look and excellent needle retention. White Pine Trees are the largest pine species native to eastern North America with a broad geographic range, growing from Newfoundland to Ohio and southward through the Appalachian Mountains into northern Georgia and South Carolina. The Eastern White Pine tree is referred to as "the monarch of the forest" and grows to a height of 180 feet in the wild with a diameter of six feet. This evergreen pine's needles are over two inches long and are soft, flexible, feathery and bluish-green to silver-green in color. These attributes make the White Pine the choice tree for Fresh Cut Christmas Trees and Christmas Garlands. The needles of the White Pine are uniquely arranged in bundles of five, and needle retention for White Pine Trees is good. Additionally, the White Pine Tree emits little fragrance and is the preferred Christmas Tree for people with allergenic propensities.

At Shady Rest Tree Farm we shear our White Pines to produce dense and handsome Christmas Trees. Sheared White Pine Trees take six to seven years of meticulous care to produce the perfect, 6-7 foot, White Pine Christmas tree specimen. Come visit Shady Rest Tree Farm and select your very own White Pine Tree for Christmas or choose a tree through our exclusive Christmas Tree Online system. Select the picture of the White Pine you like best and we will send you that exact tree, when you want it! All of our trees are hand selected, and we cut Christmas Trees ordered online at the last possible moment to ensure it reaches your doorstep freshly cut. Enjoy the freshness and beauty of a Shady Rest North Carolina Christmas Tree throughout the Christmas Season!

Come visit Shady Rest Tree Farm and walk amidst our gorgeous selection of White Pine Christmas Trees, Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees and Fraser Fir Christmas Trees. We also offer handmade Fresh Christmas Wreaths and White Pine Christmas Garland. Come enjoy a day at our NC Choose and Cut Christmas Tree Farm or choose your tree online through our exclusive Christmas Tree Shop Online.


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You may also order Order Live Christmas Trees Online using our convenient online store. No matter which option you choose, we know that you will be delighted with your freshly cut tree. We hope you will visit the farm or contact us soon!